Tuesday, July 24, 2012

cooked, a la mode

On these "excessive heat" days - which is everyday, it seems - this simple cotton dress has been my saviour. Clothing-to-skin contact is minimal, and I can retain some modesty. Thank you, simple cotton dress, for that.

simple cotton dress : vintage, thrifted
sandals : mossimo, target, a few years ago
(the fairy is thinking about Thoreau, too)

Standing around taking pictures when it's over a hundred degrees ranks low on my priority list, so I don't have lots of pictures to show you. Instead I'll tell you something you may not know about me:

Lurking under the surface of this seemingly sweet, innocent face lies something dark and dangerous.

simple cotton dress, close-up

A fabric obsession.

simple cotton dress #2, sadly in the mend pile

I've been keeping it at bay, because if I dare indulge in it, I will go mad.  I am certain of this.

my daughter wanted to wear her simple cotton dress too, so we could match :)

These tiny floral prints cause waaaay too much excitement for me.

Also exciting - in a less dangerous sort of way - my 50s bathing suit was featured over on the blog, My So Called Crafty Life. Check it out here. Thanks Ashlee! I'm honored to be a part of your lovely collection of vintage finds. :)

And don't forget the summer sale is still going on in the shop! 15% off with coupon code: SUMMERLOVIN.

Finally, the title inspiration: (I can't believe he nailed it - philosophically speaking - 150 years before "climate change" entered mainstream awareness!)
"The luxuriously rich are not simply kept comfortably warm, but unnaturally hot; as I implied before, they are cooked, of course a la mode." -Henry David Thoreau

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